St. Tresa’s Olk Medical Center

Our partner Sam Ndirangu is a clinical officer. He has set the Medical Center to service by himself in August 2019.  

The clinic is located in Gilgil, a small town in the Rift-Valley about 120 km away from Nairobi. The town consists of approx. 20,000 people. Most of the population do casual jobs and live below one dollar a day. Since the civil war in 2007/8, there is also a very large refugee camp of internal displaced people allocated to this little town..

The closest governmental hospital is 15 km away. No other medical facilities nearby provide service for free.After the Medical Center started operating in August 2019, it was able to treat an increasing number of patients until the end of November 2020. Since then, the hospital suffered from the Corona pandemic regulations and the number of treatments decreased to almost zero. As for many other medical centers as well, an approximate number of 50% of the patients are not in the position to pay for their treatments, so the costs have to be waived.


Currently consists of 4 treatment rooms, a labour ward, in-patient wards, a clinical laboratory, a pharmacy, a reception with a designed waiting area and rooms for the staff. Antenatal, postnatal and delivery services are provided as well as CWC, FP and general medicine.


1. Medical camps – free treatment by 2 German Doctors for 1-2 days at 2 times a year.

2. We plan to buy an ultrasound machine for St Tresa´s Olk Medical Center