We have been offering school and training sponsorships since April 2022.
They were initiated to enable socially disadvantaged children to attend school and vocational training.

The sponsors from Germany finance all costs arising from school attendance or training, with the exception of living expenses.

Although school in Kenya is basically free of charge, school uniforms, books, etc. have to be paid for by the children themselves. This means that school attendance becomes impossible for children of very poor parents. Attending college, which is a prerequisite for studying in Kenya, is out of the question for these children.
The costs are 1200-1800€ per year for a child, depending on age and level of education.

The sponsorships are basically divisible, which means that you can also support a child with a smaller amount. Regular payments or one-time payments are possible. The sponsorship can be terminated at any time.

Would you like to support a young person or young adult in Kenya with a school or training sponsorship?

Please download the application form here, fill it out and send it in.